Sales partners (super stockist–Profit centre head) /sales associates/dealers:

DeepshiKha  books has always held this opinion to work with regional partners rather than working with open distributors.  Under this plan in each metro or big city we plan to have exclusive sales partners/super stockist/ franchisee that will be responsible for the entire sales in his region of operation. Deepshikha  will not do any direct billing wherever a sales partner is available unless it is desired by the sales partner that direct company billing is required.

This is a golden opportunity for young professionals who wish to write their own salary cheque and wish to be trained as self employed professionals. Under this scheme we are recruiting graduates preferably with sales/ marketing diploma in the age group of 24 to 32 years age group. These professional will be provided specialized on the job training and will be trained as profit centre head of their own region.

The sales partner will be assisted by company’s sales person who will assist him with sales promotion and order generations. The number of sales persons will directly depend on the volumes generated and targets set by the partner and the company. Initially a sales partner will be hired on year to year basis and after the completion of three years the contract will be on three yearly basis.

The entire sampling and promotion will be closely monitored by the associate and the publishers rep. Each associate is entitled to get 10% of the total sales generated/projected (whichever is less) as samples. The company will be providing catalogues and brochures to each associate depending upon the volume generated/projected. In case an associate wishes to procure more catalogue and samples the same can be transferred to the associate at subsidized price.

The main aim of this policy is to develop as many business heads/associates developed thus providing the end users  best support and supplies. It will also help us with good regional publications as per the requirement of the region.


Country Manager

Neeraj Kaushal

For Deepshikha Books & info Services